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Mr. Sayles is a a knowledge-transfer expert, currently working for IBM Software Group.  He is a specialist in the areas of:

bullet RAD - Rapid Application Development - Tools and technologies
bullet SQL - Structured Query Language programming and development
bullet Data Analysis, Data Modeling and Object Modeling
bullet OOD - Object Oriented development and design technology
bullet Legacy application re-engineering and EAI

This site details his work via:

bullet Publications - books, articles, periodicals and white papers
bullet Courses - Online, e-learning and traditional instruction in the above disciplines
bullet App-Dev - Application development projects
bullet Early Music Recordings - Listen to, and download digitally-recorded part-music and songs from the 15th and 16th centuries.

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Publications and Recreation

SQL for DB2

GUI-Based Design and Development

Oracle SQL* Plus Programming

COBOL and Business Application Development


Education Courses

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Early Music

Early Music is a term applied to musical compositions from the medieval times (~1300s through ~1600s, basically pre-Baroque era).  Like the other eras of music, there were many wonderful composers who wrote stunningly-beautiful compositions for the court, the church and other purposes.  Unfortunately (and unlike all the musical periods that came after) an extremely small portion of the repertoire has survived and an even smaller percentage is played...anywhere.

While at college I was introduced to Early Music by my theory instructor, Joseph Iadone (lutenist extraordinaire), and I had the good fortune of performing in an ensemble with Susan Iadone (recorder and string/viol player extraordinaire).  For introducing me to Early Music I owe these two brilliant musicians and good friends a debt that I will never be able to repay.  But I am slowly working it off, by recording a very small part of the amazing repertoire from this time period.

Click here to visit a section of this site where you can listen to any/all of the songs I've made available in .MP3 format, and download them to play or burn on CDs and distribute.  Feel free to let me know what you think of them, or if you're interested in obtaining the music, by writing at: 


Application Development

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Family Stuff

Marna's Page - under construction

Chris's Page

Jamie's Page

Dad's Page


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